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Centennial Time Capsule


In 1991, Buena Vista College celebrated its 100th anniversary. Student groups, faculty, staff, and President Keith Briscoe and his wife, Carmen Briscoe, placed items in the Centennial Time Capsule. The time capsule was meant to be opened in 2091, but when the football field underwent renovations in 2011, the capsule was exhumed and stored.

When the capsule was opened in March 2016, it became apparent that many items had sustained water damage. Mold had set into the textile and paper items, and many photographs were damaged or ruined. The BVU Archives took photographs of all time capsule items, many of which appear in this digital exhibit.

To access photographs of the items, click the thumbnail on the right or the link below. All items appearing in this exhibit may be enlarged by clicking on the image. Some may be further enlarged by clicking a second time.

Comments or corrections may be submitted by clicking on the image and scrolling down to the Comments section at the bottom of the image page. Be sure to click the Submit button.

In a number of cases, only the front page of a document was photographed, but interested parties may contact the BVU Archives (712-749-2086 or e-mail to see the complete item. Some time capsule items have been restricted and cannot be viewed. We hope you enjoy the digital exhibit of selected Buena Vista College time capsule items.

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